Hey there, and welcome to my page.

If you are here, you most likely redirected from fortheloveofallthingsf.com. Yes, I changed the domain name. It was quite a mouthful even for me. And yes, welcome home.

My name is Margaret, but I mostly go with Megg. And I love books. Any shape, any form, any color… Just the thought that letters were joined into words which were strung into sentences to form paragraphs that became a story is exhilarating.

I love touching books, I love buying them, i love reading them. So afribibliophile is just my own personal journey through each universe between the covers of a book. All the views expressed herein are my own.

Sometimes though, I rant about things that make me angry. Very seldom though as I delete my feelings. And other times I write about personal experiences.

Every Friday I post a book review.

Two Tuesdays a month, I post a random piece about life.

Every blue moon I rant, mostly about nothing sometimes about everything.

Welcome to my journey and feel free to explore my blog posts.

Also, pretty pictures