5 College Finance Hacks To Help You Thrive Economically

The economic condition in Kenya just took a turn for the worst. Apart from adding to the already worrying debt Kenya owes China, the president just approved an 8% VAT increase on petroleum products. As much as this is a reduction from the 16% proposed by the IMF, Kenyans are just about to have their lives turned inside out. If you are in college, then you need to find survival tactics. Below are 5 college finance hacks that will get you through this.

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Join Blaze

Blaze is a Safaricom product that is specifically designed for the youth (16-26 years). Blaze was meant to cater to the needs of the youth especially innovation wise. Their events, including the BYOB show, offer unique opportunities to kick-start your career. Moreover, they employ local talent during their gigs.

Nonetheless, Blaze is a chance to cut down on your data. Other options include joining a network provider that’s affordable. For instance, Telkom has this awesome weekly 2GB bundle at $2.5. The FAIBA MiFi offers 8GB at $3. But if you are stuck with Safaricom, then do blaze. Data is expensive. Cutting down on the amount you spend saves you enough pennies.


Buy groceries in bulk

This hack is so obvious it shouldn’t even be on this college finance hacks list. However, I thought it’s a skill you can apply eons after college. Most towns have a market day, some even have two. Around my campus that was Monday and Friday. Monetary speaking, a tomato is 15 bob, during the market day each is 5 and they are big, red, and juicy. That’s a no-brainer.

Bonus tip: Arrange your meal plan around your market days to avoid your vegetables toughening. For instance, I had peas on Monday because I prefer buying them shelled. They dry pretty quickly if not immediately cooked or refrigerated.

Get a Loyalty card

Imagine getting paid for using your money, for things you actually love spending on? It’s not that farfetched an idea which makes this one of the simplest college finance hacks. Big brands use it all the time. Safaricom offers you Bonga points for all the airtime you spend. Supermarkets have that too. They offer you a card which you swipe anytime you shop.


A while back I was at the cashier queue waiting for my turn and some lady paid her whole shopping with her loyalty points. How cool is that? If you are an impulse shopper then am sure there’s that one supermarket that you have to pass by for some reason. Get yourself a card and accumulate those points. They’ll come in handy when you are low on cash.

Bonus tip: You can always ask a customer in front of you who has no card to let the cashier swipe your card. Most of us actually don’t mind.

Hack your fashion

College is one of the stages in life where you’ll buy the most clothes which is a shame because most of those items are only good for college. Trust me that skimpy low cut Ladies night romper can NOT be worn to work, or a date, or a hangout. That said decide what fashion speaks most about you. After three years of college, I finally decided on dull colours, bright bags and silver jewelry. I saved thousands in jeans and t-shirts over time.


Mix your high-end fashion items with second-hand ones for authenticity. For instance, pair up mommy jeans with a white tee from Mr. Price and high-end chunky heels. Or you can go for a bodycon dress with bata ngomas. Really, whatever works. P.S- second-hand shops have gems that are worth your time. Don’t be afraid to rummage.

Bonus tip: I only impulse shop an item if I have shoes to go with it. I be planning that whole outfit before I even pay for it.

Get a job

This financial college hack goes last because it really isn’t as much of a hack as a way to increase your income. Also because an increase in your dispensable income also magnifies your spending habits. To better manage your money read the review on Smart Money Woman.
Kenya is not a conducive country economically for the youth.

Apart from working on your family’s business, there are few ways to diversify your income as an 18-year-old undergraduate. In recent years, however, the work online business has been booming. Find one out of the 10 ways to make money online and work on it.

Bonus tip: Not all online tasks include writing. Here’s a list of 10 ways to make money online, WITHOUT WRITING.

How do you stretch your funds while in college? Was this list helpful and how many of the 5 college finance hacks do you currently utilize? Tell me about it in the comments. If you like this article, kindly share it on social media using the bar at the bottom of your screen.

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