My Philosophy

An Economist, freelancer and upcoming Forex trader who invests in how the world works factoring in entrepreneurship, religion, politics, and money and share my findings through this blog. I believe in diversity and community cohesion to make the world a better place, or even just a village.

My Mission

The dynamics of a young person in Africa who just discovered that education is just one of the pillars to financial freedom, or freedom of any kind is a revelation in itself. Most people spend their lives searching for that one purpose in life that gives it meaning. I invest and travel in an effort to find mine and inspire you to find yours.

I constantly delve into questions such as What is Forex? Is Freelancing a career? How can I keep my faith and freedom?  Can I make money doing a craft am talented in? Where do I visit to seek inspiration? What am I missing out on? Why food?

The goal is to document these incredible journeys. To transport you to a world of opportunities, faith, friendship, and financial freedom. Let’s also have fun together while at it. In the end, we can only make the most of what we have and hope against hope that it is enough.

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