Before You Forget Me

So since I last wrote, I’ve overcome milestones in my life, or you can call them New Year’s resolutions (yes, people still do that, and yes I have a written list that I am still continuously ticking off). So I finally moved closer to the buzz, butcheries, and the main road, I finished compartmentalizing people in the boxes they deserve, and I got my first article published. It even says some stuff I thought was sweet during sign up at the very bottom, with my picture. That said, am yet to begin my final year project, our lecturers are on an indefinite strike and am in the town where the cold can literally kill you and if this is a prelude to winter abroad then am content to live in Kenya and visit only during spring and autumn.

Blog entry

My blog is still not fully functional coz like I said I’d rather curl up with a good book in some exotic island than deal with technology. I am still learning though and I should update my portfolio, contact me page, and a mailing list for subscribers. Read my post on first time house hunting for freelancers to know what to expect in my next entries. In the meantime, I will be researching on my final year project and trying my best to sound intellectual during my first meetings with strangers am sure I will never see again. I will also be learning how to correctly wax my dreads for days when my scalp is on fire and my hands are itchy.

Book update

So am on my fourth book of 60 this year and it’s quite an interesting read that reminds me of the time in high school when I would open my locker during class time while the teacher was blubbing just so I finish that paragraph. I randomly picked this book from my e-book collection and maybe that’s why it has taken me this long to complete.After and Gabrielle Union’s We’re Going to need more Wine and Kara King’s The Power of the Pussy,  Fan Girl by Rainbow Rowell seems a step down from womanhood.

Movie Update

I vowed to cut down on the hours I spend on movies per week in favor of books and other activities like YouTube, blogging, and cooking. It’s not going so well, guilty. So I watched Knightfall and I really liked it but that was the second choice to Britannia, an epic tale that is simply mind-boggling. I have also watched Extinct, Valor, and Ozark which had me glued to the screen for hours on end. Updates, reviews, and spoiler alerts should be coming right up preferably this week on my next entry.

Fashion update

Dang, I finally own two pairs of mommy jeans in blue and am still figuring out how to wear them. The craze will always be there and adding your own touch goes a long way in ensuring you still got that trendy sass. And trust me, their structure is simply made for every woman; hourglass, pear shape, saddled with tummy fat you cannot get rid of and a non-existent waistline. These jeans don’t care; they are chic, adult, and all the way feminine. I also own skater shoes and some comfortable cream sweater that I wear all the time because being comfortable and free is essential.


You do not want to miss this.

I took a backseat to trading to focus on school and freelancing especially as am still learning and I really do not need negativity in my life. Do not misinterpret this statement for Forex being a bad idea, it’s the best way to be self-employed by utilizing your analytical skills especially for economists environmentalists and politicians. Converting all the hours you spend on CNN and Business Daily newspapers into money is really not the worst thing you can do, and you only need a smartphone or portable laptop, how cool is that? Am still attending conferences hosted by  Forex Arena, a Kenyan brand and reading books that should get me trading comfortably in no time.

So that is all I have been up to in the past two weeks coupled with a lot of sleep and food. I still have a long way to go but the journey so far is interesting and fruitful.

PS. I thought the featured image (ugali and mutura) looked curious and I still do not understand why they put it on a platter, smh. Drop a comment and let me know what it makes you feel, or not.

18 thoughts on “Before You Forget Me”

  1. Am glad I read sth interesting,God knows I needed this after a heavy lunch followed by a sleepy afty in the office.Thanks cuz

  2. This is inexpressibly brilliant… because It’s 4.50 am and I can’t go out in the gardens behind my place to see kaka sunguch but the emanating sounds from their systems can’t let me have it…but this gave me some good days start!
    I love you for this and much more…Go gurl!

  3. daamn i love everything about it..please keep up Gem..I never met this side of you..its like icing to the cake..Gotta see this side of you the more..and your life, awesome is an FUUUN.its called taking life EAZI.The mutura,kuja twende JUNKIE cooking the ugali though..

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