Dear Avatar

Dear Avatar,

July was the slowest month for this blog ever. Had so much going on plus I needed a few restructuring lessons. Really though, apart from focusing on my finals, there wasn’t much else that was constructive, unless clocking 500 likes on the page and a 20k monthly reach on the Pinterest account.

However, there were a couple of firsts. For instance, I got my first book review request through my DM. It was amazing. The review should appear in August, I hope. I also got my first Kenyan book. Am so excited about it, the review will totally be biased. Also Biko Zulu liked my tweet. Aaaah, I seriously have made it. Once am done reviewing Drunk, it’s a wrap. Also, I now have a Goodreads account. Working it is really new, but it’s fun.

Anyway, now am free and extremely idle so I should finally reduce my TBR list. I’m currently reading three books concurrently but am open to suggestions still. Also, I should email out my first subscription email by end August, still setting up all that stuff. I’ll also be doing a college chronicles to wrap up my 4 years and moving back home.

I might change the domain name but that’s still in the beginning phases. So yes, am back to posting a random on Tuesday and book reviews every Friday. I’ll also schedule a couple of excerpts from my notebooks as extras. But the dates for the first 4 articles will be edited. Till Friday, Blessings and Light.

May the Force be with you, Avatar.

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