Details You Have No Business Including In Your CV

Writing a CV is still a daunting task. If you have no idea where to start, begin here. My last post delved into how to write a beautiful professional CV that actually lands you interviews. But I realized the transition from the traditional CV writing method is also a task. This post explains what to discard and what to keep in your CV details as you try to mesh what your teachers taught and the practical way to write it.

Crafting a CV is more often a cold pitch. You are basically selling yourself to a potential employer. And yes, some of them will not respond. Do not take it personally, the hiring manager goes through hundreds of CVs, sometimes looking for just 10 employees. As such, you do not want to oversell or undersell yourself before they even realize you are the perfect fit.

As such, below are details you have no business including in your CV;

CV Details NOT to include

Marital status

I am not really sure who thought it wise to include the marital status in a resume. It’s your skills under review, not those of your spouse, or lack thereof. Granted your marital status says volumes about you. Sometimes though this detail may  disqualify you  despite being the perfect fit. The reason mostly given is that single people have a lot of free time which can be invested in creating competition.

Seriously, you do not know what stereotypes exist in that hiring board, interview panel or organizational culture. Also, that is private information, what you do after work, no?

Lower level education

This is more practical than stereotypical. As a holder of a B.A from a reputable university, you have no business telling your potential employer you schooled in a DEB and attained a worthy grade. It’s obvious you got to university because you qualified.

Honestly, this just wastes your pitch space and adds a level of boredom. Include only your most recent level of education. Unless it’s more beneficial to include that diploma you pursued 3 years ago. Or when that education level is  in the job description 

Unrelated courses

When applying for a freelancing position, it serves no cause to include your degree in animal husbandry. Unless you are applying to actually produce content for a page that specifically deals in that field.

In addition to that, leave out those short courses you pursued as a side piece while pursuing your degree. Nonetheless, weigh your options. If applying for a financial analyst position, kindly include your CPA in your education list.


Kenya is largely a multi-religious state. As such, most religions are accepted in the workplace and is the reason prayers are substituted with a minute of silence. And like I said, who you worship is really your private information. Unless your practices affect your organization, leave it out of your CV details.

Conflict- when applying for a job at a religious place, say a gospel tv station, clearly state your religion because this in may actually be a conflict of interest.


Age = experience. Not true, sometimes a 26year old graduate may have more experience with coding as they started with play station games at the age of 12. Or a social media manager with more experience with instagram may be a better fit than one who’s done billboards.

Avoid including your age in your resume. Let your experience do the talking. Do not get disqualified because you are too young. If your CV details are good enough they just might call you (after the interview) for an internship or as the youngest recruit. This also works if you are changing careers.

CV Details you must include

Most of these are quite obvious, but here’s my take on CV details you have to include:

A functional Phone number

You will most likely get the invite to interview after the job application via call. Ensure you include a functional phone number in your contact information. Avoid including that of a kin or friend, they may get the call and forget to mention it not realizing how important it is to you.

Ensure it’s a phone number whose messages you can read. Some callbacks are actually text messages.

Professional email

Before you send out your cv, ensure you are using the correct email address. Many people have that email they created when emailing still wasn’t mainstream. Have a professional email address that is not sketchy. If it’s a combination of your names, the better but other catchy memorable ones are fine.

Chances are if a hiring manager gets an email from swt69, they will assume it’s a spam message and delete it. Include your professional email in your contact information. No hiring manager wants to scour hundreds of emails for the one that sent out the beautiful CV that was automatically downloaded.

Relevant information

If responding to a financial analyst job advert, do not prelude to your experience as a java server. Chances are, you managed no finances while there and unless you can spin that task in another way, cut it out of your CV.

Always include the place you’ve worked, then spin the narrative to sell what your potential employer is buying.

Soft and hard skills

According to Quora, hard skills are teachable and specific abilities that can be measured and defined while soft skills are intangible ones. Soft skills mostly prelude your interpersonal skills. Teamwork is one such skill while WordPress is a hard skill.

You want to create the impression that you have a good balance of both.

Your pitch

Do not make your CV boring, spice it up with a sentence or 3 about yourself. If you use the novo resume or enhancv templates, there is a designated space to pitch yourself. Be creative and utilize it fully. That space is also the perfect place to insert keywords in the job advert you were unable to fit into your CV.

One More Thing

Do you agree with this post? Are some CV details missing that you think should be included in this post? Use the comment box, my blog is GDPR compliant so your information is perfectly safe.

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