Entrepreneurship And Sabbaticals

Entrepreneurship is the most difficult endeavor you can choose to undertake and though this makes it more rewarding, the journey to rewards is sometimes very far of. “Today is cruel. Tomorrow is crueler. And the day after tomorrow is beautiful.” says Jack Ma the founder of Alibaba. Yes, this is why many people opt for the 9-5, because it is safer, with its assured monthly salary, the perks of being a hard worker, bonuses on shares after a successful year, and the occasional promotion if you are exceptional. Many opt for this assured lifestyle that of course arrives with its share of problems; the upper-middle-class mentality, the loans driven economy, and the one sickness away from poverty reality.

Entrepreneurship is difficult; ask Colonel Sanders the mind behind Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Jack Ma of Alibaba, Jeff Bezos of Amazon and a list of people living the good life. No one said it would be easy, even the brain behind your safe 9-5 had to elevator pitch his idea to a guy somewhere to get where that company is. If it’s a government job, someone had to write proposals, bid for projects, pitch for a panel that awards tenders.

Entrepreneurship: Where to begin

Everything you need to make entrepreneurship work; A plan

My point is everything as you know it today has a starting point in some cold dark place. This place may be a room with limited heat and lighting but am willing to bet it is in your mind. Deep down there is that idea that pops up at 3 a.m never leaving until you yourself resign. It may be simple to you or another, or it may require your whole investment but you will never know unless you try.  Learning to let go and let God, believing in yourself, going in with both feet is the only way you will ever discover your full potential.

Are you passionate about writing and reading? Or you can produce kick-ass beats, is it an amazing agricultural venture or a way to tap into human capital? There is a way to monetize your idea and make it a reality. You do not have to be stuck at your computer kick-starting the revolution to be viable, it just has to be a hobby and a dream. Millennials are slowly veering more into entrepreneurship than any other kind of jobs and while we are still a long way off in Africa I believe we can be the change we need. The important thing is to begin, wherever you are, start, just start.

My Blog’s Sabbatical

The Blog Takes a Time Out

That said, I am taking a sabbatical, (okay it’s not that serious) but am leaving for a while. Today at church (yes, take your religion seriously) I deeply thought about my life. Honestly, it wasn’t even intentional but my mind veered off to strange places, weird explorer worthy places. I realized am no tech guru, I cannot do everything by myself. I create valuable content, my blog is educational (I’ve been told) but am not perfect. In so many areas of my life, I fall short; I am wonder-woman, I just cannot be superwoman too. I create content, I just cannot create websites and blogs too, concurrently.

The critical lesson from all this is learning to admit your faults and asking for help where you fall short. Tap into the potential of those around you, it makes a difference. The entrepreneurship journey is already difficult as it is. So am taking a sabbatical to focus my energy on backend stuff, the stuff that makes this blog that blog. The homepage of my website is in dire need of salvation and WordPress plugins are painful but I am working on it. Hopefully, I should be back in a month.

The Social Media Campaign

ForTheLoveOfF’s Facebook Page

In the meantime, I will be running a social media campaign. Follow me on social media for updates on life as I see it or just for cute pictures lol. Speaking of which, ForTheLoveOfF’s Facebook page is up and running for those who prefer the blog to shenanigans. Am still reading books for my next fiction category review which I will be updating either on social media or here. My next freelancing post will also be more detailed, as part two of the series I began. If writing is not your thing, then there are many other ways to make money online. If you would rather cuddle up with a book then am betting my previous post was helpful. Am still learning Forex and my next post on that category will be a continuation of that segment. It will be laced with cryptocurrencies, currencies, and forex.

I sincerely hope my blog makes a difference, with three categories to choose from and if it doesn’t then at least my zeal to succeed should ignite the entrepreneurial spirit in you. “It doesn’t matter if I failed. At least I passed the concept on to others. Even if I don’t succeed, someone will succeed.” Jack Ma.

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