Failing and 7 Other Things You Should Be Doing In College

Fact- you will never have as much space to fail in life than you do in college. Fact- this raises your chances at success more than tenfold. How are you utilizing this breathing space? Are you somewhere planning tonight’s bash, or are you watching the latest movie? Do you really have to play FIFA all day?

No judging. I am just saying that your time in college is a recipe for success with all the right ingredients. No pressure, lots of time, support from your parents, untapped energy from your friends, free funds. So are you becoming a better person because of it, or in spite of it?

If you are at a crossroads, here’s a starters map for things you should be doing. Am trying not to reference Harry Potter’s Marauder’s map…

Play a sport

In my high school, sports were a chance to get out of school and indulge in junk food. But I really did play awesome defence in hockey. Recently, I passed by the hockey pitch as I was waiting for a friend. I couldn’t help but wonder why I didn’t spend all my Saturdays on that pitch. It would have saved me lots in chest meds. And the coach was super friendly. In my first year, I always had an excuse but looking back, nothing.

I won’t even say I lived next to the board games venue and it still took an Equity bank event in 2017 to know am amazing at Scrabble. Play a sport, even if its chess, it’s good for your brain and you’ll make worthy connections. Some will say play station counts, I wouldn’t know.

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Find a game you like, indoor or outdoor and learn it

Join a club/ society

This is pretty obvious, or maybe I just watch too much Dear White People but find a club whose ideas you believe in. journalism, Music, Creative Arts, Dance crews, Bibliophiles… You can always get a list of the available clubs from your Dean of Students. Spend at least three hours per week with this new crew, expand your circle.

There are myriads of opportunities in such clubs. Working with NGOs anyone? RedCross is an awesome place to start for humanitarians and their events are pretty cheap. I joined PAMBIO Kenya, travelled to Kampala with them, educative, fun, totally worth it.

Learn a new skill

Time is all you have, spend it wisely. Learn something you wouldn’t have dreamt of otherwise. You have nothing to lose. If you are more focused (I really am not) you can take a CPA course or a statistical package of your choice. Learn SPSS or just Quickbooks, the job market needs them.

Or you can go the creative way and learn salsa or Karate. It’s normally free of charge and it filled up my Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, plus my Saturday afternoons. Your notice board will have calls for such. Plus the first week has final students advertising their clubs. Go get you a Pitch Perfect moment.

Everyone hates to fail. But how will you know if you never even try? Test the waters, you might love one of these 7 things

Run for an elective post

You won’t be a lesser human for not doing this, but apparently, it looks good on your resume and can launch your political career. Babu Owino, Ebakasi East mp and James Orengo, a senator in Kenya and Barrack Obama, all launched their careers from elective student council posts. Plus it will save you lots in campaign money if you do decide to pursue it further. Did I say it will polish your portfolio, that counts as experience?

Start a personal project/business

Our generation is so focused on making it before 24. That has to stop. Entrepreneurship is not the only way out, you can still prosper in your 9-5, some even thrive. But you see that dream you’ve always had; a fashion house, DIYs for sale, a bakery, or just a million dollar idea. This is the time to pitch it.

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Your parents and friends will support it and if it’s something online like a blog or web design venture, they might never know. If it succeeds then well, you just created employment and financed our economy. If it doesn’t, then concentrate on your studies. You miss all the shots you don’t take, and I don’t mean vodka ones.

Learn a language

Forbes insists on three corporate benefits of learning a new language including improving your decision-making skills. The popularity doesn’t even matter as much as the chance to tap into new markets and flourish.

Spanish classes were free on my campus and I know for a fact Chinese is free elsewhere like Kenyatta University and Egerton. An extra language makes you more attractive to international firms or just fulfills your inquisitive nature. Spanish was so exhilarating it inspired me to take German classes during my long holidays (C1 Certification in months).

Learning a foreign language also makes exchange programs possible. If you are Afripolitan, then pick the resident language. A little bit of Kalenjin would have saved me on numerous occasions.

Read more, often


Fall in love with a book. It doesn’t even have to be romance. Find a genre or topic you like. Snuggle up in bed and exhaust it.

At this age, you basically soak up all the information you can and then some more. Find a genre you like, and read that. It doesn’t even have to be novels, find historicals, dissect Shakespeare, find some Ken Follet, read The Book of Negroes. Learn as much as you can, and then some more.

If you are digital, then go online, find information, learn about the political and economic state of our country. Do not be ignorant about the looming China Economic war, or the fact that AIDS might have been created in a lab. Okay, sorry about the conspiracy theories, but information is power and that’s awesome conversations. It also helps you make wise investments, Forex anyone?

Fail, it begets success

You know what I love about the above 7 things? That you can fail and it will never matter. So you come in second after an election, you suck at chess, your business fails. You realize you have two left feet and that German is extremely difficult… Just up and quit, no implications. Or you succeed and bliss.

Was this list helpful? Did I miss anything that made your days in college? I’d love to hear about it and how you spend/spent your days in college?

23 thoughts on “Failing and 7 Other Things You Should Be Doing In College”

  1. Amazing article!
    Am glad I did most of that stuff except the elective post haha!
    Ps: Its also good to go out, wind down laugh with friends afterall none gets out of this life alive so live it one time.

  2. How I wish I read this before joining campus, I would be a better person than I am right now. This is a great job Meg and trust me, whoever reads this and applies it in life, not only in campus, will never regret. Keep up the good job Meg.

  3. Marvelous!!
    I wish i could have seen this article in my first year in college…
    I did some but its never too late especially that part or ‘learn a skill’, ‘start a business’,
    Megg you should write an article on ‘what i should do after campus’

    1. Hahah maybe I will Josh. And I wish I knew most of these too before joining. Do go on and learn something though

  4. Am admitting my Bro. next month and for sure I have bookmark this post for sharing. I wish I knew this before. why didn’t you write it before? its the greatest one.

  5. Have him read it even now.
    🙈 I day didn’t write it coz I didn’t really know all of these count.
    And success in his new chapter

  6. These are all excellent suggestions. You’re absolutely right about college being the time to experiment with things (and not in the way that word is traditionally used lol). I unfortunately spent my college years working so I could keep a roof over my head (this why it took well over 2 years to earn an associate’s) But instead of being all about chasing that degree, I wish I had slowed down and enjoyed the experience more for what it was and left my comfort zone a bit more.

    1. That’s better than spending it doing nothing constructive Jennifer. I do agree on the slowing down bit but at least you have something to explain why you didn’t slow down

  7. Yaay! You mentioned Bibliophiles, hehe. This is so practical yet so hard to do. And making it before 24, girl, aren’t you right! We pressure ourselves too much It’s ridiculous, failing is part of success. Someone should make that clear.
    This is my fave piece now. Thumbs up Megg!

    1. You know you guys are family 💖💖💖.
      And tell me all about depression from the pressure to succeed. Thanks for stopping by

  8. I resonate with your thoughts and insights expressed here. I do think it would could so many intellectuals the agony of resitting some papers even running round in circles trying to make a pool of business connections after college.

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