First time for everything

So for some weird reason (cant remember it now), I promised myself I would have published my first post by February 13th. See, I have been wanting to have space where I can just share my life, or vent my angers with the hope that at least someone will connect with my weirdly constructed sentences. This also helps me get on with my 2018 to do list, the resolutions and stuff that y’all have probably forgotten barely a month into this year. And yes, it has really just been 43 days since 2017.

Excuse my randomness, its almost midnight and am exhausted from hours of trying to figure out what all this stuff means, make that months. At this point I feel like I should write some lengthy book, which people will never probably buy, about how all this do it yourself online looks like to all of us whose computer knowledge is hugely retarded, hello SQL.

Anyway, I should probably pen off before I begin rambling about my plans for Valentines, or lack thereof, or how starving i feel despite feeding an hour ago. Am just checking if my blog really works, you know? like the microphone test before the karaoke wow, or the tiny bite of seafood before you dig in, or the finger test of the freezing shower water before you decide whether your sweat is really that stinky.

So here is to you who never comes across this post of the memoirs of a young adult who loves random stuff. Meet me in my next post, I promise it will be well constructed, grammatically correct, linguistically challenging, and so not like my first time for everything at blogging. Who am I kidding, it will probably just include pictures and long sentences, why don’t we find out next week?

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