How To Write A CV That Lands You Interviews

Yes, I just graduated, B.A Economics, class of 2018. With the power to read and write came myriads of questions, jubilations, uncertainties, laughter. It was a mixed emotions kind of day made even more beautiful at my intimate graduation party. One day, I will write about how important that party is.

Anyway, after graduation, comes the job hunting. If you were lucky, then you already had a job already, or an assured internship, or a business. Maybe you decided to pursue a Master’s. Either way, you are at the age when you need to get things done, and goodbye monthly allowance.

So a job is perfect -maybe only- way to go. And your CV is an integral part of this process. Setting out, I chose the formal high school way. Bummer, you will need that job application, CV writing skill you thought was just a random English text.

Let’s face it though, the statistics are daunting. According to, Kenya has the highest level of unemployment in East Africa, a fact backed by Statista. One out of . Crafting a compelling CV increases your chance of landing your dream job.

While freelancing, I came across various methods of writing a beautiful Curriculum Vitae that actually lands you jobs.

Why You Need A Beautiful CV

Bullet points that should convince you to take more time custom tailoring your CV;

  • It stands out, makes you unique.
  • It piques the hiring manager’s interest.
  • A beautiful CV won’t get shredded.
  • It gets you through the doors to an interview
  • You can actually confidently send it out and be sure it gets read.

How to Write A Beautiful CV

Now let’s get into how to go about it. There are various ways to do it. Plus apps that make it easier. These ways are my favorite:

  • Novo resume

Am not even joking. This is the easiest way to write a beautiful resume. I encountered it when working on a freelancing piece and actually signed up. I have been using it ever since. Started in 2014, novo resume combines the best visual designers and creative to make cv writing the easiest experience. It seems like not showcasing ones amazing skills professionally is an age-old problem.

Novo resume has a variety of templates to craft your CV, resume and cover letter. When applying for a first job, a cover letter isn’t as necessary, unless specifically stated in the advert. Resume and Curriculum Vitae can be used interchangeably.

These templates cater to different fields. There’s the functional, modern, college, creative, basic and professional. Each has a different arrangement and you can select your favorite one. My personal favorite is the modern one.

How to- just sign up on novo resume’s home page. Craft your CV using the template you select, double check it for errors then download it. Also, novo resume will give you pointers on where to improve, pay attention.

Craft your CV easily using novorèsumè
  • Canva

I make all my posts pictures using canva, especially the ones for my Pinterest. But I didn’t know there’s much more you can do using canva. Having subscribed to their email, I once stumbled onto other things I can create using canva. Yes, you can craft your CV using Canva in just minutes. I already had a professional CV from novo resume so I did not instantly create one. I just drafted this for my post.

How to- install the canva app from Google play store. Feed resume into the search bar. An array of samples will appear. Select your favorite template and go ahead and craft your CV. Or you can create one from scratch using the ‘blank’ option if you are experimental and conversant with Canva.

Same CV crafted using Canva

Tip- Select templates with the ‘free’ tag at the bottom right-hand corner. The ones with coins are paid options. Select colors you like depending on your job application.

The templates on the left have the free tag and are therefore free to use. Those on the right are premium options.
  • Enhancv

Recently, Kenya reshuffled her Cabinet Secretaries and it was quite a feat. But Education CS nominee’s resume Professor Magoha’s 91 page CV was all the rage. I know right. So I set out to find out why should a CV be that long and it doesn’t matter. If you have less than 3years experience your CV should be at most 2 pages.

The good thing is, they have section samples. Each section has 3 examples so you know exactly what to write under your education, strengths, achievements. And it has a variety of backgrounds to choose from.

How To- visit and sign up using your first name and an email address. You have to agree with their terms and conditions at the opt-in but you can choose not to get emails. Once there just navigate the site to get its feel and then craft your CV.

Afribibliophile’s resume created with enhacv

Tip- enhancv has a live chat option that constantly gives you pointers. The site also encourages you to share the link with your friends so you improve your CV.

Warning- the free trial expires after 7 days. You can choose to renew it with their different plans or stalk their pages until you are sure what you need before you craft your CV.

  • Outsource the task

Hire someone to craft your CV for you. This is not my most preferred option, especially because it’s not cheap. That said, there are a couple of instances where its convenient. Maybe you are a tech guru who speaks in monosyllable and pictures. You can code in javascript but cannot speak a fluent sentence. Or any other person with minimal people skills.

In such a scenario, hire someone to write a CV. @BlazeOfficial on twitter writes CVs. There’s also pretty good advice on how to pass interviews on the pinned tweet. Most freelancers charge more to craft you a CV based on your experience.

However, I would not fully recommend outsourcing because you need a different CV for each application and who has the money. As a workaround,  hire someone to make it and tailor it to the specific application. It should be good every 2 years unless you are changing careers completely.

Tip- thoroughly vet your CV writer. Clearly articulate what you want. As a freelancer, it’s tedious when a client is unsure.

  • Craft your CV yourself

If you are petty or think you can do a better job, craft your CV yourself. It’s a fun experience and you may actually fall in love with the idea that you make it a hustle. Using the templates from novo resume, canva, and enhancv know what sells, take the aspects you like and discard those you do not.

Good luck in that learning process. And in getting picked after that interview.

One More Thing?

Know any other tips you need to share with the youth trying to write a CV for the first time? Kindly share, any tips, crafty apps, but more importantly free ones that can help. If you like this post, leave a comment and share.


6 thoughts on “How To Write A CV That Lands You Interviews”

  1. These are great suggestions and a CV would definitely stand out with some of these techniques! I recently had a proper look around Canva to see what else it could do and was surprised, too. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

    1. Canva is truly a great resource it’s hard to believe it’s free. The CV designs and CV templates that it offers are simply amazing and fully customizable.

  2. Very informative. I wonder why they leave this kind of information in those long boring literature classes.
    Thanks for posting this.

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