It Will Be Fun – 7 Lies About College They Sold You

8th August 2018, I finally had my final paper, that I didn’t totally read for, because well. Okay, I really have no reason. I remember getting out of the exam room more rejected than nonchalant. Which got me thinking about the five years of my life I gave to this place and the lies about college they sold me.

I remember having that same conversation with a couple of classmates and we could all agree that college does not make you a better person. Don’t get me wrong, I learnt lots but realistically speaking I am less prepared for the job market now than I was four years ago.

So here’s a list of lies about college I wish I knew before joining;

1. Your classes will be fun

Remember that one high school teacher that always urged you to concentrate a little more in Physics class because campus has no physics? Well, they lied. If you take any bachelor of science course you will still interact with ohms and all that.

You will still come across Venn diagrams plus there’s this tendency to include Economics, Statistics or IT in whatever course. You will be lucky if you have the option to branch out in your third year, but that’s rare, and by then all that excitement will have been worn down by Microeconomics.

2. You’ll make friends on campus

See all those movies you watched like Famous in Love that promise you’ll bump into someone at the library and they’ll have a spare room in their condo and offer it to you. Sorry, not sorry but the chances of meeting in the library are next to nought.

Of course, you’ll make friends, no man is an island, but it will take way more effort to make friends. Nonetheless, you’ll make ones that will attend your baby showers, bridal parties and be godparents to your children.

3. You’ll have the time of your life

All the freedom they promised when they said wake up at 430 now because your classes on campus will start at 9 and only take half your day? Okay, this isn’t a lie, I literally only had classes on Tuesday and Wednesday in the first year.

But what are you supposed to do with the rest of the weekend especially when you get carsick and home is miles away. Have a plan, a clear plan, get a job, freelance, join a society, take more classes… coz really, the time of your life in campus means Friday evening to Monday morning, and it costs dollars, lotsa them.

4.That you can start over

I was kinda hoping this was true and maybe it is. However, you have to know what you really want to change, the image you want to create, the brand you want to sell. You can reinvent yourself, you have the freedom, and the luxury of living miles from home, but that sums it up.

All the vices you had in high school like misusing your time, spending carelessly, laziness… you will carry all of them into college. Reinvention is more about what you want, and you can do that anywhere, you don’t have to wait for college.

7 Untrue Truths About College

5. That college is one long frat orgy

Seriously, we need new movies. The ones currently available talk of either nerds or parties but most of college is actually an in-between, punctuated with bouts of brokeness, sad moments, killer hangovers, and regrets. You can have a string of weekends with loads of events for a whole semester, enjoy it.

Have the time of your life, do stupid things coz once you get to the third year you will resort to starting a blog and watching episodes of Friends on repeat alone, in fuzzy socks with a bottle of Sangria.

6. Education is the only key

If no one sold you this dream then yall need to hire us, graduates. Study smart, work hard, maintain good grades, get into college, get a well-paying job, marry, live happily ever after.

Okay, if that were the only way to be successful then… oh well. It isn’t. Have a passion, have a talent, pursue that especially if it makes you money. I admit the whole campus experience made me more conscious, but life would have drummed it up some way or another.

7. Everyone is a bad influence

Maybe my mum did a good job raising me and my self-esteem is almost egocentric, but this wasn’t as obvious and rampant to me. You are an adult, no one coerces you into anything you don’t want to. That’s how you end up having unprotected sex, or getting raped, or getting addicted.

Bite only as much as you can chew. Have limits. Let your friends know about them in advance. Have a hangout out crew (remember the turnup account from Smart Money Woman) and budget all your spending. Be wise, be smart and you’ll pretty much be a good influence. I made the best of friends that I wouldn’t trade for anything and we all inspire each other to be the best of ourselves.

Now am done ranting. This article kinda screams Debby Downer, but oh well, it is what it is. Do you believe in the image I painted? Gone through campus, especially if it was in Kenya or East Africa? Did it meet your expectations? Let me know about your experience in the comments.

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  1. haha,time of your life in campus is from Friday evening to Monday morning,that is a fact. The rest is high school life reinvented

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