Lets Not Talk

Hey babes,

Let’s talk…

Or let’s not

See, am tired of all talk no thought,

Am tired of all talk no action,

Am tired of lengthy WhatsApp messages that have to end with share or else

And am extremely tired of long news posts that are all informative on all the wrong subjects

Am tired of staring at my phone for 20 out of 24hours with no relative significant change in my life

I mean, I cannot be the only one

The only one that’s been reduced to a complexion and a category

The only one who hasn’t really listened to Scorpion?

The only that missed the ColorFest cause I was too busy actually doing stuff I don’t need pictures for

I can’t be the only college almost-graduate who’s stuck in limbo, specifically between doing it for the gram and doing it for the bank

I refuse to believe I am the only one who feels cheated by the system

The only one who’s tired of all the hashtags in my country that really don’t solve anything

The only one who dislikes the follow-unfollow game for Instagram popularity.

Babes… am tired

Am tired of resorting to a whatsapp status coz that’s the only way my friends will actually know I need help

Am tired of posting sayings on Twitter coz maybe then a stranger might recognize my cry for help

Am tired of posting Amen to long ass shit on my Facebook feed, coz maybe .., just maybe, God will answer my prayers through that post

Am tired of having to take pictures of my KFC chicken because I have to keep up with the gram, and God forbid my 5000 followers think I don’t eat at posh places

Am tired of having to filter and revoke messages just because I don’t think twice before I speak. And more often than not, the myriads of perverse thoughts struggling to surface might be the death of me…

And now it 30 seconds since I sent that message and I haven’t received back a laugh emoji (😂) to show none of us is serious

Am tired of having to wait till you text, because you texted last and I do not wanna look desperate even though I miss you

Am tired of having to store my pain in my diary notebook coz if I show you, you may judge me, I may lose my followers,… that stuff doesn’t get as many likes as my exposed cleavage bathroom shots .. and such a post may disqualify me from LinkedIn interviews on the not-stable-enough grounds

Am tired of this 8-4-4 system that promises no employment unless I hike my skirt up a bit or my relative’s relative knows the bosses boss’ son who is also the CEO of the parastatal I would like to work at

Am tired of being the loner at that cool party with the cool people lest I actually speak my mind and become a pariah

Am tired of how you treat her, but last I asked she told me that’s not my problem and I should deal with my acne first

Am tired of how much she drives you to bankruptcy but last I mentioned it you said all your friends sponsor their girls and I should be more like them

Am tired of that picture your couple-goals posted coz everyone but them knows they are promiscuous outside of each other but still comment “wow, couple goals, A-team”

Am tired of pretending that the corruption in the country does not irk me

And the insinuation that because I belong to the ruling tribe I have no moral ground to complain


I can’t go on writing this coz the effort it has taken me to keep up with the Carters, listen to Scorpion, catch up on my school work and connect socially has taken the life of me, it has made me tired

And yes, am tired of not living, not loving, not wanting, not faking, not caring

Am tired of the fake concern you showed when I told you things weren’t going so well when really you just wanted deets to spread about me

Am tired of all the false information that’s out there about me which I really can’t condemn lest am labeled sensitive and catches feelings … coz that’s not cool in my generation

Am tired of religion, all religion that refuses to condemn atrocities such as rape, both male and female, corruption, for-the-gramness

Am tired of being labeled a toxic feminist just because I pointed out that that statement was gender biased and based on the assumption that females in Africa don’t read

Am tired of all the ones who have made feminism a bad thing, all who play the because-am-female card even when they are clearly the lesser candidates

Am tired of reading happily-ever-after books coz life really isn’t like that and our literature should not be exempt. Imagine what historians will say, hundreds of years from now just as they are wondering how people with such fairy tale romances destroyed each other

Am tired of having to answer to this post and so I’ll blame it on the alcohol that I haven’t touched since February because well, alcohol impairs judgment

Am tired of pretending I want you to stay when clearly I’d rather be alone at my place, drinking caramel tea with my phone off, humming to some Ace of Base and reading an intriguing novel

Am tired of pretending I like the shit you like just so we can do things together when am afraid every single second of it. But fear ain’t cool and girls are afraid of everything and apparently am not girls, waaaaaat 😕

Am tired of writing this

Am tired of all the words in the world that refuse to express my feeling

Am tired of the photo-shoot sessions I should attend to make this piece stand out which results to more reads

Am tired coz I didn’t mean to write this long a post coz am afraid y’all don’t like long shit in this generation

Am tired of pretending I care about your fake ass even when the rumor that destroyed my social life was all your engineering

Am tired of writing, because well, words,

And so no, let’s not

Let’s not talk

Coz you can’t begin to understand me

And I wish you would

I wish we’d have lit conversations but that would include baring open your soul and that’s catching feelings and my generation doesn’t like that

I wish we’d talk coz then I’d tell you you don’t have to be all nice and finely construed all the time

I wish we’d talk but my generation only responds with likes, and RTs, and occasional shares, and upvotes, and double taps, and none of those is really a talk.

So no babes thank you babes bye babes but let’s not talk

PS- You’ve made it this far, here’s a pic for your wallpaper. 😋😂❤

Beauty is everywhere, you just have to see without looking


13 thoughts on “Lets Not Talk”

  1. What a piece of writing. Yes, let’s not talk. I think I need some extra time to go through more of your mastery words.

  2. The writing is superb kama kawaida.
    And you touched on everything that is wrong with this generation.
    Thought Provocative piece. 👌

  3. I did not enjoy your writing. I was delighted. To say I enjoyed would mean a great insult to an artist in you. I’m looking forward to a more delightfully powerful and grabbing words from you. 🙂

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