Ten Genius Ways To Make Money Online (Without Writing)

Belonging to this generation means that you have already seen how to make money online adverts. Social media platforms are famous for such popups. Facebook, in particular, is filled with groups that claim you can earn 3-8000 per day using your phone. Am not saying this is realistic or not but there are authentic ways to make money. If the advert claims you only work for 3 mins and get you $30 or you get paid for referrals then run.

Of course, you will make money, remember PublicLikes? But if you are here for the long term then you need to invest a little more and learn a skill. In the last article, I discussed ways to make money online by writing. Nonetheless, English or any other language thereof is not everyone’s cup of cappuccino leading to this piece.

You do not have to be a poet to tap into the internet potential and eke out a living online Click To Tweet You do not even have to buy $3000 courses to learn a skill. This probably sounds cheesy but all you need is time, patience, and motivation. Transcribing and data entry, for instance, do not require high levels of expertise.

What’s great about all these methods that make money online without writing is that you are judged on your quality, not experience. Furthermore, your earnings are fully dependent on you and the rarer your skill, the higher its value. For instance, a web designer conversant with wordpress.org and wordpress.com earns more money than one who only codes wordpress.com.

This article outlines various categorized ways to make money online WITHOUT writing


Video and Audio Options to Make money online

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Transcribing and Translating

Ever been in a class where you just wanna switch off and download the lecture for later? Or at a conference after spending the whole night out? Maybe you are just too distracted to listen to the speaker who’s lips have been moving for the last three hours. Whatever your case, am so sure you have considered taking out your phone, scrolling to the sound recorder and sleeping through the lecture.

Well, people actually do it and am not only speaking of classes. Large corporations often record their meetings instead of having a secretary take the meeting in shorthand especially in an overflow of ideas. Teleconferencing and online webinars enable multiple people in different geographical locations to communicate. Another instance where a person would record a conversation is at a conference where they do not get a plus one for their assistants.

Now after the recording, a reputable company produces a written report which may be a summary of the meeting. While this is mostly the work of a secretary, the company may outsource it to save time. This is where you come in; transcribing the audio into written reports. You just listen and write as you hear it and get your pay without sweating out the grammatical errors associated with writing.

It helps if you are bilingual or can work through heavy accents as some may require native speakers. The good news is; there are hundreds of accounts that deal with transcription jobs alone. Landing a direct client is also extremely easy if you produce quality work complete with business ethics and work integrity.

Vlogging and Podcasts

This outright has to be this generation’s favourite way to make money. Vlogging involves making a video, putting it on YouTube, getting views, making it go viral and getting paid for ads. If this is your venture and you are in it to make money then you need to know a couple of things such as how to make money with AdSense.

Remember how when you open your favourite YouTube channel and there’s an ad you can’t skip. Well, your view makes the youtuber money. You also need to be consistent with your work and make highly informative pieces to gain a following. It is critical to note that you can sell anything online, be it a makeup tutorial YouTube video, a grammar skill, or even spoken word. Selling a tutorial like the Elite Blog Academy on how to set up and grow your blog actually sell pretty well.

In fact, everything on this blog I learned from YouTube vlogs. Inserting a follow my Pinterest board, my review table in my fiction category and even setting up this blog. It actually is true; everything you want is already on the internet. And you do not have to stick to AdSense alone; media.net offers the same services with fewer restrictions.

Audiobooks and VA recording

You have to love technology if you are in the music industry. As a creative form of expression, music will always be popular. If you are looking to earn an extra buck then try this option. It works best if you already own or have access to a studio. A voice-over artist is actually something you can list on your resume.

Audiobooks are just books that are recorded. Most publishing firms are attempting it and selling such books as an extra category. Depending on the theme and setting of a book, they may require a certain voice. Listings may include; black American female in their twenties with a sombre voice. This is awesome for someone who loves both literature and music.


Get Hired for your Technical skills

The Level of Neatness I aspire
rawpixel / Pixabay: Exceptional Organizational skills we all wish we had

Data entry

You must love corporations, parastatals and multinational companies, no? Well, you should. These companies outsource most of their tasks to locals and freelancers. Some countries require that such multinationals employ a certain percentage of their citizens. To cut costs, such companies reduce their paper employees by outsourcing some tasks. Data entry is just one of these jobs.

Data entry involves the input or updating of information into a system using an electronic or mechanical device. In simpler terms, you organize raw data into a system that analyzes it and creates a report. Company fuel consumption tables, final year Google docs and excel spreadsheets are examples of what data entry involves.

Depending on your employment status (casual, permanent or outsource) you may be designed a specific task. Hello, specialization and division of labour? Your work may entail converting the paperwork to electronic data, analyzing it, or updating new information every so often. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need a Masters in IT to do this, but you definitely earn more if you can carry the whole process on your own.

Virtual assistants

Weird fact: closet organizing and designing is actually a thing. I mean there is someone who puts ‘professional closet designer and organizer’ on their resume. High life, lanes, call it what you want but people pay to have some form of order in their lives. Home renovations, repainting, DIY projects all capitalize on home personalization.


As a virtual assistant, you will be doing a lot of organizing. Planning meetings, arranging schedules, categorizing files, and prioritizing tasks are some examples. It all depends on the niche your boss belongs to and the tasks they choose to outsource. Orderly people with amazing memories do extremely well in such a job. I would also recommend conflicted people so as to exercise some form of routine in their lives.

The virtual part of it means you will conduct all of these tasks remotely, using your computer. You may have to be conversant with Skype, or Asana for communication. Your job description may also require you to be on call at all times or simply a specific time period. Frankly, this option sounds like the most interesting work experience without the restrictions. It is quite relaxing and awesome for your health, especially mental.

Provide Advice and Consumer Research

If you are a millennial then you already know about these surveys. The business model is in such a way that you view ads, review them mostly through a questionnaire and get paid. Most of these surveys are scams and it is difficult to find a legitimate one. However, there are a couple of surveys that are worth checking out.

For instance, Facebook ran this ad on behalf of a company that required input from mothers. It specifically targeted stay at home mums wanting to pick their brains on parenting, financial issues and baby advice. Companies also carry out paid surveys from time to time such as during a product launch, reviewing one whose sales have gone down, and their competitors’ products. Such surveys typically take you about 5-15 minutes to complete.

They do not pay that much but coupled with other ways to make money online through writing you can actually earn a living. It is also a nice part-time activity. Unlike blogging or other forms of writing, it requires the least preparation.

Forums and Discussion Boards

Unlike paid surveys, in forums and discussion boards you make money online by giving your opinion on a subject or product. This form of consumer research is important, particularly with millennial brands and new products.

It is almost like a debate where you discuss the pros and cons of a specific subject or product. You may then rate it and provide a solution which may be implemented by the firm conducting the research. A similar genius way to make money online is to provide an expert view on a subject. Everyone has a certain intellectual capacity level, but some are higher than others.

A lawyer, for instance, is better equipped at advising bloggers on the new GDPR regulations that are outlined in Forbes. Many bloggers (me included) do not understand law jargon and would be willing to pay someone who advises on how to make my blog compliant. A forum of said lawyers and bloggers would actually be lucrative and beneficial.

Sell items and make money online

My favourite 14 Falls picture. Maybe someone will pay you for your awesome gallery

Sell Your Own Products and Online Courses

Millennials appreciate art and creativity, unlike any other generation. This is good news because it implies that your products will actually make you money online. This option is no longer restricted to large brands such as Amazon. Selling creative DIY products, for instance, is a nice way to make money online.

Art pieces, paintings, fashion products, videos and even memes earn a pretty decent income. Furthermore, you only need a page to showcase your talent. It is quite possible to fully conduct your business online. You create your items, take pictures and post them on your website or social platforms.

If you are particularly adept at anything, you can monetize it. Companies are often looking for web designers, logo creators, calligraphers and even SEO optimization strategists. Create a course and sell it online.

Affiliate marketing

The reason this online-money-making option is at the bottom is coz I contemplated cutting it out. Affiliate marketing is a wide subject that I am only beginning to learn about. In lay man’s terms, it assumes you have a following that can buy stuff based on your recommendation.

Obviously, you have to have a platform for this such as a blog or vlog. However, digitization means that your social media accounts account for a following. Snapchat’s market value dipped $1.3billion when Kylie Jenner tweeted she does not use it as much nowadays according to Bloomberg. But who seriously advises Snapchat? Remember the Rihanna fiasco?

You may not be Kylie Jenner or Rihanna, but in your niche, locally you may have followers that are loyal. Tap into this potential by recommending carefully selected products is a way to earn money. Instagram, in particular, is the easiest platform to do this. Approach brands and work out the figures.

Nonetheless, select products you use or strongly believe in as any brand scandals taint your name. Such a scenario is neither good for business or future affiliate collaborations.

Social Media Advertising

Make money online from your social media audience

Advertising is a weird sector of the business world. It is dynamic and critical. Social media advertising is the latest trend in this section. While advertising is predictable, social media is not and that is why it is so interesting.

Do you have a million Twitter followers who retweet your tweets 20000 times in an hour? Lucky you, I mean how do you even get there. Damn it, kindly follow me on Twitter, its blog related, I swear. Anyway, brands are looking for your audience. You will actually make money online by advertising these brands to your audience.

Unlike affiliate marketing where you get paid on commissions, social media advertising pays you for your audience. Think of it as that television advert that had you crazy. Just like television advertising, brands pay you to run ads at specific times on your handle. You get paid regardless of buys.

Bottom Line

The internet is actually a world wide web. If you know which threads to follow you can actually hit your jackpot. Click To Tweet Most of the ways in this article are actually viable and you can make it a hobby that actually earns you money. To get into any of these money-making methods just type in what you want in your Google search bar and evaluate the listings.

Personal tip: check the reviews of a site or client before signing up. They show you what you are getting into and save you the pain. Ensure you check the pay rates though they should be low for a beginner.

Disclaimer: I prefer writing, I freelance and blog. All these genius ways are awesome and people actually make money through them. However, this is my personal opinion and you should reevaluate what you choose before you choose. Nonetheless, use my contact me page if you would like to talk to me directly or ask a question.

If you earn money online using any of the above methods kindly give your opinions in the comment section. Or answer arising questions.

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