Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens- Book Review #15

Title: Oliver Twist

Author: Charles Dickens

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Format: Paperback ISBN 0194241734

Genre: Children’s story

Completion Time: 1 hour

Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. A book review
An old version of Oliver Twist. The background is some awesome combat jacket from Ankara Empire

Oliver Twist 2018

The year is 2018, you are just about to hit 18 and life has never been more difficult. Economically, your small town is a sham, and financially speaking you cannot afford three meals a day. You try apprenticing and the boss’s son doesn’t like you. So you walk to the nearest city and resort to a life of crime hoping to make friends and grateful for the opportunity.

Nevertheless, someone wants to kill you and they use your new found friends to get you. This alienates you from the rich family that entrusted you with a library book delivery. They lock you up for ages teaching you the way of the craft (theft), hoping you’ll ease into it.

In a world where everyone has it out for you, you find a guy who believes in you, clothing and feeding you like a son. Until the mishap that has him believed you cheated him of $5 and a stack of books. You wish you could tell him you were kidnapped but there’s no way.

On a day moonless night, it’s finally time for you to earn your food, and you get shot in the process. Your partners in crime, literally, leave you for the dead to save themselves. Like your second name is luck, you find another loving family that takes you in and nurses you.

Like all rich folk who marry background with morals, they decide to find yours. They uncover your father was actually a rich man who left you a healthy inheritance. You manage to reclaim your money and you live happily ever after.

Who doesn’t want such a fairy tale? Don’t you sometimes wish your biological parents are just taking a little longer to find you. That they are rich and will pamper you to death. If you are African, kindly don’t dare say no, the beating we grow up with makes you wanna carry out a DNA test.

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Charles Dickens

Nevertheless, Charles Dickens writes a fairy tale. I know it has little about love and it glorifies the main character Oliver Twist a tad too much. The story follows him from a workhouse to London and a healthy enough inheritance.

Oliver Twist is too good to be true yet kinda seems real. Makes me wonder if it should be categorized with Snow White. It was wishful thinking at most. As much as I’d like that to happen somewhere in this era, oh well.

Oliver Twist is a good beautifully written story with enough turns to make it a series but simple enough. Well-chosen graphics and helped me understand workhouses, London and Thames. 7 year old me would have liked it that’s why am giving it 3.2 out of 5 stars.

A book review of Oliver Twist
3.2 out of 5 stars for a story I read past it’s time

One More Thing

If nothing else, I hope Oliver Twist makes you believe like you did when you were 7. Or you can buy it for your middle-class kids instilling in them the book reading habit. It would make for a cute bedtime story. I hope it inspires them to be upright citizens. But most of all, I hope Oliver Twist’s luck falls on you, and your family.

Oliver Twist- A Review
  • Appearance and Art
  • Grammar and Vocabulary
  • Plot and Organization
  • Author Authenticity


Recommended for preteens.

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