Text Book Center (TBC) Book Club September

I am not a morning person, I never was. I probably wanna blame it on the morning preps that began at 0530hrs for my four years in high school but that would just be unfair. My locker was just an extension of my 2 by 6 dormitory bed and coupled with a dictionary, that’s the most pages I’ve seen, the slumber would be amazing.

Occasionally, my deskmate would nudge me to help her solve a physics problem and I’d stare at it for 5mins before I start reading Harry Potter curses where ohms should be. Exactly 2mins before I blurt out “Am sleeping, my mind is not awake, can you wait after porridge?” She’d say yes and I would snuggle next to my now warm wall and dream of how college would not be a morning place.

I mean, I even purchased dark curtains so even the sun couldn’t intrude just so I can have my breakfast at 11. You probably think it’s nice to be me. It sure is, sometimes, most times, okay am not sure. Bottom line I am not a morning person. So when I came across a book club invite on Facebook that was to happen last weekend, I circled for minutes, hours, days… before I marked interested. It took even longer to confirm my attendance.

It was a bright cheerful Saturday morning. The birds were chirping musically, the air smelt new, the floor had a comfortable cool, and my mood was dark. I did struggle to wake up for over 15mins. It could have been longer, but being the first time at TBC Book Club, I didn’t wanna make a bad impression. So I hurriedly prepared, googled how to use google maps and read 50 more pages of the book of the month (BOTM) on the bus ride into town.

TBC Book Club

The Text Book Center Book Club happens every second Saturday of a month at the National Theater in Nairobi that’s directly opposite the Norfolk Hotel. Everyone is welcome and more details can be found on their Facebook page, or website.

I am not sure how they decide on the book of the month, but the next one is The Hundred Wells of Salaga by Ayesha Harruna Attah. The book is available in paperback from their website. TBC Book Club meets on the 13th of October from 1000-1200hrs. You should come.

Bonus point- they won’t ask you to stand up and blah blah blah your introductions. You can basically blend in seamlessly.

Official poster of TBC Book Club September BOTM

TBC Book Club BOTM was All The Light We Cannot See by Antony Doerr. I arrived 18 minutes past 10. I hate people, I really do… social interactions are weird. But I fell in love with the audience the moment I walked in, taking a seat at the back and being wowed by the casualness of the situation. It was a book-mind haven, goooooals.

All the light we cannot see is quite an emotional book on one of my favourite topics- World Wars. It reminded me of The Book Thief. I hadn’t finished reading it, so I sat in my little corner and upped my vocabulary. TBC Book Club members went on to discuss the books in detail- likes, dislikes, gray (shadow) areas …

Light areas were the happy moments, dark were the sad sorrowful ones and shadows were the undecided parts. I found this an interesting interpretation of the book’s title (All The Light We Cannot See).

National Museum’s Book Sale

In other news, there was a book sale on the 7th and 8th September at the National Museum Courtyard. And the prices were to die for. I purchased Women Who Run With The Wolves at $2, am still grinning from ear to ear. It’s a chance to get a rare book at a throwaway price. Also, all the proceeds are channelled back into the museum, feeling philanthropic yet? Okay

What you missed last weekend in books and sales

Speaking of which, the 21st Nairobi International Book Fair will be happening at the Sarit Center Expo Hall. It goes down from the 26th to 30th of September 2018. This book event happens annually and you simply have to be there. Kindly save up, and say hi when you do run into me.

PS- Get a personal African themed gift if you buy the following three books at once. And I swear all of them are amazing. Read more about this offer on the author’s Facebook page. Don’t forget to like the page while at it .

Get these three books all at once and get an African themed purse

If would like updates about book events in Nairobi kindly subscribe using the popup or prompt at the bottom of the page. Also, you are welcome to join the TBC Book Club on the 13th of October. A review of All The Light We Cannot See should be up in a few weeks.

Blessings and Light Bibliophiles.

4 thoughts on “Text Book Center (TBC) Book Club September”

  1. Oh yes! Avid TBC Book Clubber here. I’m pained if I have to miss a meeting. Lots of interesting discussions. I sometimes wonder if we have all read the same book given the diverse and very often contrary ideas, imitations, insights and impressions. Inspiring discussions these…….. See you at the next one 🙂

    1. Yeah. It was extremely intriguing to see everyone offer their version of events. As the moderator you had a lasting impression. I enjoyed that.

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