The Girl Before by JP Delaney

Title – The Girl Before

Author – JP Delaney/Tony Strong

Publisher – Ballantine Bantam Dell Random House

Format – eBook

Themes – minimalism, thriller, homicide

The Girl Before’s cover page

House hunting is one of the most difficult tasks about moving away, or moving out. Often it’s a battle between what you need, what you can live without and how far you are willing to commute for it. Then there’s the cost of all that inconvenience. If you are lucky this isn’t the major determining factor.

For Jane, an expecting mother who just quit her coveted job, safety is the main concern. But she just can’t seem to find the perfect quaint house in a homely neighborhood that is secure enough for the right price. So she enlists the help of Camilla, a real estate agent who knows her stuff.

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And this lands her into One Folgate Street, the house that is the future of houses. From the outside, it looks ordinary, if you assume how it contrasts the rest of the estate. Nonetheless, it is the inside that has you screaming.

One Folgate Street

Built by a minimalistic architect One Folgate Street is the epitome of beauty and order. Secure, quiet, affordable and spacious, One Folgate Street is the perfect house for Jane to start on a clean slate. But for that perfect rental tag comes a list of questions, little to no privacy and the scary thought that technology can be compromised.

And Edward knows that. A control freak who arranges his spices in either alphabetical order or continental origin, this billionaire architect is articulate, specific and meticulous. But if that’s the case why has this property been on the rental market for ages?

Is it that he is overbearing, does he spy on his tenants, does the death of his family bug him, or is it the pretty previous tenant, the girl before? Either way, Jane really needs this, and she has to pass all the tests to be worthy enough of One Folgate Street.

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The Girl Before

The Girl Before is a book that is worth the trouble. It is told from two different perspectives, of two different One Folgate tenants in the now and Then. The switch between the two is confusing until you learn each chapter title is a switch between Emma and Jane.

JP Delaney does a good job of meshing minimalism, relationships, and tragedy in the girl before. It’s a thriller that will have you wondering what happens to the females that interact with One Folgate Street. Are they sucked in by the architect’s charm? Do they found what they are looking for with the house hunting?

The Movie

The girl before was made into a movie soon after the book was published. The movie rights to the book were purchased by Universal. Ron Howard directed the movie that was side to be the biggest thriller after Gone Girl and The Girl on the train. The movie was released on January 24th, 2017.

Am rating the Girl Before 4 out of 5 stars because the ending could have been better. Thrillers are not supposed to have happy endings especially when the look that botched. It doesn’t help to know that JP Delaney had 17 endings to choose from and went with that one.

Nonetheless, the author’s experience and why make perfect sense. At the very end, he likens the girl before to the boy he lost and dedicates his first thriller to his son. And for the first thriller under a pseudonym, it felt right.

Book Review; The Girl Before
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  • Grammar and Vocabulary
  • Plot and Organization
  • Author Authenticity


Perfect book for your first thriller

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