The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins

Title – The girl on the train

Author – Paula Hawkins

Publisher – Black Swan penguin random house

Format – Paperback; ISBN 9781784161101

Themes –Betrayal , Adultery, Motherhood , Deceit

I have never understood how people blithely disregard the damage they do by following their hearts. Click To Tweet

Or maybe I can, you can. She’s that friend in that circle of yours that does everything on a whim. She’s the girlfriend that has sex on the first date coz you know… attraction. It’s that same girl that sees everything in black and white until it’s her feelings involved. We all know her. The girl that wakes up in the morning decides not to show up for work, breaks all the rules, but she still manages to keep her job.

She’s a seductress. It doesn’t help that she’s beautiful, and conniving and an upgrade. It’s her, and you can’t help but love her while loathing everything she does, and how easily she gets away with it. She’s the pornstar that retires and actually gets to have that suburban good home with a loving husband and beautiful kids. But sometimes she doesn’t.


Anna (not Anastasia Grey) is one part of this woman. The seductress who spoilt a marriage by following her heart… In her defense, the marriage was already crumbling and it didn’t help that she knew the moment he walked into number thirty-four Cranham Street.

And they did it, right there in the kitchen, before they even knew each other’s favorite drinks. Then they did it again, and again, smearing every room of that house with their entwined DNAs until Evie. And he had to kick her out… Rach.


Maybe if I didn’t drink too much, I would conceive. Maybe if I did have a baby I’d stop drinking. Then I wouldn’t have to wake up with this throbbing headache, and the feeling that I did something terrible last night.

Something my husband would only be too willing to explain away as the reason we’d n longer be hanging out with Clara. It’s my fault. It always is. I get drunk; do something bad, so shameful he can’t even look at me.

Being the other woman is a huge turn-on, there’s no point denying it; you’re the one he can’t help but betray his wife for, even though he loves her. Click To Tweet

I miss how we were. The way it was before I got obsessed with having a child, and before drinking all day. I miss my job, the one I had before I was fired for showing up drunk. But I know what I saw from the train. I wasn’t drunk drunk that day. I know what I saw and maybe this time I can be helpful.

Maybe I can help solve the disappearance of the beautiful artistic wife. The one that makes my morning trains worth the ride. She that keeps me sane, she from number 15 that keeps me too occupied to peep into number 23 and see my broken dreams. She has it all, an Adonis-like husband, a beautiful life, a house on the street I love…

Until she disappears one day and is found dead after a while. And I finally have the closure I need. I can’t help but hate Anna a little less now. She was a victim just as much as I was. Played just like I was. And between us, those statements will always bind us. I am not just a girl on the train anymore. I am Rach, and I’ll go up north, maybe to Edinburgh…

Three Girls, One Train

The girl on the train is a slow read, kinda like A man called Ove. It’s the story of three women, all of them connected by their desires. Anna is the new shiny toy that replaced Rach. Megan is the cute woman with the adoring husband who keeps Rach sane.

It’s quite confusing but once you get through the first chapters it’s unputdownable. Being my second thriller it was a welcome surprise.

Paula Hawkins

Paula Hawkins moved to London from Zimbabwe in 1989. She worked as a journalist for fifteen years before she finally decided to try fiction. The girl on the train is her first work of fiction. It has been described as sensational by the Daily Mail. Stephen King admitted it kept him up all night. This book was such a phenomenal success that it was made into a box office movie. The movie was also a no. 1 box-office-hit film.

Some of Paula Hawkins other works include Into The Water.

Also, I’ve wanted to read this book since I saw a quote (paragraph 1) on Instagram. I bought this book for my birthday and it took me a while to read but now I feel lost. Am rating it 4 out of 5 stars because the plot twist is everything.

Alternative cover pages.

If nothing else, I hope the girl on the train teaches you the sanctity of marriage. That it’s never okay to come between a man and his wife. Bad things always happen. But if you still follow your heart I hope you realize what he did with you he will do to you. Also, may you fall in love with thrillers and may you have the courage to be courageous when you need it.

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The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins
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The girl on the train has a variety of cover pages, each as expressive as the other and worth the content.

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