10 Thoughtful Game Of Thrones Easter Gift Ideas (+Customizable Sigils and Mottos)

April 14th, 2019 might sound like a normal day to you. But if you are being truthful then you marked this date 20mths ago. Yes, Game of Thrones season 8 just premiered. The world is frantic and expectant, and joyful, and reminiscent. I mean, you just don’t wait for a season for 2 years without being crazy when it eventually starts.

Plus what an opportune time. If you did not have time to watch the first episode then lucky you coz this weekend is the Easter holiday. Spend it with family (GOT fanatics) chilled with lots of meat and fuzzy socks. To celebrate the event, am making a post on the best Game of Thrones gifts for Easter. All gifts are gender neutral but I’ll simply assume it’s for a girlfriend.

Game of Thrones Houses, Sigils and Mottos

Before that, let’s look at some of the things you need to know so as to get the perfect gift. If you have already watched Game of Thrones season 8 episode 1, then you do not really need this cheat sheet. You might learn a house or two but you’d still get her the perfect Game of Thrones Easter gift without it.

So, here is a list of GOT houses with their sigils and mottos. I included the color option too. Knowing her favorite colors comes in handy and you will be able to personalize the gift better. Do not overdo it or it will come out cheesy. Do not mix the houses and do not add non-GOT phrases.

10 Thoughtful Easter gifts for a game of thrones fan
Major Game of Thrones Houses- Sigils and mottos.

PS- Major houses have colors. You might want to do a popular house.

  • House Stark- Direwolf- Winter is coming- white on black
  • House Lannister- Golden lion- A Lannister always pays his debts – gold on red
  • House Greyjoy – Golden Kraken – We Do Not Sow – gold on black
  • House Baratheon – Black Stag – Our is the fury- Black on Gold
  • House Martell – Red Sun with Golden Spear – Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken – Brick red
  • House Tully – Silver Trout – Family, Duty, Honor – Silver on blue and Red
  • House Tyrell – Golden Rose – Growing Strong – Gold on Green
  • Seaworth (Sworn to Baratheon) – Black boat with onion
  • House Dondarrion (Sworn to Baratheon) – Purple Lightning on Stars
  • Clegane (Sworn to Lannister) – three dogs
  • House Frey (Sworn to Tully) – 2 grey towers linked by a bridge
  • Cerwyn (Sworn to Stark) – black battleax
  • Kastark (Sworn to Stark) – white sunburst
  • House Targaryen – Three headed dragon – Fire and Blood- Red on Black
  • House Arryn – soaring falcon – As high as honor – bluishpurple

Game of Thrones book Set

George R. R martin's book from A song of ice and fire. Perfect gift for easter
A leather-bound Game of Thrones set of 5

Obviously, this has to be the number one gift. Game of Thrones fans are hoarders. I mean, how do you explain people who have had all 7 seasons in anticipation for the 8th 2 years later. And even if she does not read, this Game of Thrones Easter gift is simply a gem.

George R. R Martin, the author of the series first published A Song of Ice and Fire in 1996. Even back then, the series was a hit winning multiple awards. Any of these Game of Thrones books will be treasured by any fan.

If you can get the first copies or first editions, then that’s a gift worth having. In 2000, Meisha Merlin published a fully illustrated limited edition of A Song of Ice and Fire. Another great buy would be Game of Thrones Season 8 book- The Winds of Winter. Nonetheless, any hardcover or paperback book will do.

Price$165 for the leather book set of 5; Source Amazon

Monopoly GOT edition

Game of Thrones Monopoly
Monopoly Game of Thrones Easter edition

Holidays are a time to have fun, travel, be with family and let loose. If you are meeting up your family this weekend, this Game of Thrones Easter gift will make you the King in the North.

Boardgames are awesome in crowds and can last all night. Good thing you have all weekend. If Monopoly is not your thing, there are a variety of GOT themed games to choose from Amazon.

Price – $72,29; Source- Amazon

Game of Thrones Audiobooks

Doesn’t sound like much but the GOT manuscripts are huge. In fact, books like A Dance with Dragons are 1500+ page manuscripts. I read a lot, I have watched Game of Thrones to date, but I still will not pick up the books.

It’s not a principle issue, it’s a time issue. If she loves audiobooks, then this would also be an awesome addition to her collection. Audiobooks are perfect for when you want to read without stressing or you are extremely busy. A game of thrones easter audiobook is definitely a conversation starter.

Source – Audible

A Themed Magic Mug

Game of thrones Easter Magic-Mug
Personalize a magic mug with Game of Thrones phrases

Magic mugs made their debut into the market a few years back but they are still some of the best gifts ever. A magic mug is a mug that changes color when a hot liquid is poured in it. It is coated with heat sensitive paint that plays on the thermochromism process.

If you watch GOT together then you already have favorite phrases and houses, or significant moments. Valar morghulis is a perfect universal Game of Thrones phrase. Commission the printing of your favorite phrases and pictures for the perfect Game of Thrones Easter gift.

The dye is perfectly safe and I swear nobody is too adult for that. I once got a magic mug and when am sad I just boil water and watch the transformation. I am not even joking. It’s my personal favorite y’all-can-see-but-you-can’t-touch-mug.

Price – $6,5; Source – Vertex Classic

Hodor T-shirts

I am yet to find a being who does not wear t-shirts. It’s hippie, its chic and literally the go-to casual item. Tees are so versatile and you can literally style them with anything from leather to denim to cashmere. This is the perfect gift if you know nothing about the series. And it shows how much you are willing to love them.

There are dozens of phrases to choose from and if you have no specific one go with the Winter is here option. Over the next 2 months, Game of Thrones merchandise will be the ‘it’ item. Get on board. Tees are also easily customizable due to the fabric, so you would get a better range of graphics, fonts, and colors.

While at it, get couple tees. They do not have to coordinate if you think that’s too cheesy. Just make sure each of you can wear theirs without looking awkward. I would recommend this Game of Thrones Easter gift option even for friends. Get your favorite Winter is here custom hoodies from @ankaraempire on Instagram. Use coupon ‘afribibliophile’ to get 15% off.

Price – $15; Source – Ankara Empire

Dragon Eggs

12 Thoughtful Game of Thrones Easter gifts- Dragon eggs
Easter eggs don’t have to be boring this year. Spice up the game with these Targaryen dragon Easter eggs

Easter is a bunny holiday. It is marked with eggs, bunnies, fluffy things and eggnog. Game of Thrones is famous for Khaleesi’s dragons. Imagine combining two favorite things into one over a four day weekend? Hence dragon eggs

The original Game of Thrones dragon eggs were in different metallic colors which gives you the chance to explore. However, you might want to have a copper and turquoise one in your set. If you are crafty, make the Game of Thrones Easter dragon eggs yourself.

For the last minute shopper, there are tons of places to find full-size dragon eggs. Some even come in a chest that would make you go gaga. Do not be afraid to venture into different colored dragon eggs. Be mindful of your decor if they are to be on display.

Price from $119; Source Etsy

Winter is Here Hoodies

Winter is here hoodies. Fuzzy Game of Thrones hoodies

I included hoodies because winter is here and winter is cold. They also last way much longer than tees. As much as hoodies are one of my favorite fashion pieces, they are not all year round items. Plus a lot of people would rather do trench coats.

Gift yourself this hoodie. This is a 2-in-1 gift if you get it. No? Okay, your girlfriends will literally kill for this hoodie. Sentimentals will love it more if it has your scent. Lol, if you are still mad about all the hoodies she is keeping for you, use this as a bargaining chip. You will lose, but it will be fun with eggnog next to a fireplace.

If you would rather keep your hoodie or are a GOT fan, go the couple outfit way. She will still want yours but at least you will get to wear it more often. @ankaraempire on Instagram can custom make this too and they deliver worldwide. Use coupon ‘afribibliophile’ to get 20% off your order.

Price- $22,5; Source- Ankara Empire on IG

If you want anything printed on your custom t-shirts then choose from the cheat sheet above. You can select based on each of the categories- house, sigil, motto, or color. You also choose what you can print. A combination of a sigil and motto works pretty well.

Game of Thrones House Sigils and Mottos. What to gift your friends this Easter weekend
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GOT Socks Gift Set

Obviously, you are thinking- socks again? The answer is yes, you can never have enough pairs. I know I don’t even though am always buying new ones. This particular gift is mostly male. However, I’ll still admit all my indoor socks are from the male collection.

And it comes in 6 normal socks (crew) and 6 low-cut ones (ankle). But you can find them cheaper in the next few weeks.

Pro tip- buy the whole set and resell the pieces you don’t fancy individually to turn a worthy profit.

Game of Thrones Jewelry

Shop for Game of Thrones jewelry. Sigil pendants and dragon eye rings

House Targaryen, Starks of Winterfell, House Tully, House Lannister, House Arryn, House Tyrell and House Baratheon are the primary houses in Game of Thrones. Each of these houses has a sigil and a motto. It’s hard to pick sides but the Stark direwolf and the Baratheon stag are amazing.

Rings would be perfect but I know Game of Thrones people, and we are not subtle beings. A pendant necklace with any sigil from the cheat sheet above is the perfect gift for Easter. Getting like 3 pendants would make you the giver of good gifts. Good thing is, they are unisex so you can just buy 5 and gift them to your GOT crew.

Other awesome jewelry would be the Mother of dragons earring, House of Stark cufflinks, dragon egg pendants, and the hand of the king rings.

Game of Thrones Movie Night

This is probably the cheapest option in the list for the simple fact that it is a ‘time’ gift, not an ‘expense’ one. I have rewatched the entire 7 seasons twice and I enjoyed them each time. Now imagine rewatching the most recent episode during Easter.

Have a home cooked meal, lots of wine or Easter eggnog and binge watch. If the whole squad is present, have a game night slash sleepover. GOT peeps are the best ever. It will be fun. And you have 4 days to plan your Game of Thrones Easter party.

Price- free download; Source- Google, HULU

Another fun thing to do this Game of Thrones Easter weekend would be to go hunting for the Iron throne. HBO stashed 6 thrones away to involve the audience and hype season 8. The first throne was found in England. The second one is rumored to be in the North . You get a crown , so you might actually be the King in the North if you find the second throne. Read about it here

A game of thrones Easter is a once in a lifetime opportunity, especially because this is the last we will see of the series. While all the above gifts remain timeless, you might want to create the best memories this year.

Have fun, buy gifts, play Game of Thrones Easter games and Hodor.

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