Tomorrow Died Yesterday by Chimeka Garricks

Title – Tomorrow died Yesterday

Author – Chimeka Garricks

Publisher – Paperworth Books

Format – e-book

Tomorrow died yesterday- cover page

Last year, while flicking through channels, my family came across this movie- Black November. The advertisement was captivating, so we made a date. Black November is everything they never tell you about oil mining Nigeria. Its exploitation, harmful drilling methods, corruption, police brutality, ransom, kidnappings… it’s a mess. Even worse is that such tales rarely have heroes and the failed excuses; some simply have no happy endings.

Tomorrow Died Yesterday

Tomorrow Died Yesterday is a tale about Nigeria, before the oil business, during the business and the lessons learned along. Chimeka does a wonderful job of explaining the whole process. Asiama, the setting of the book is an island just off the mainland. In this small town with two smaller islands, the tale unfolds creating and shaping the characters effortlessly. Kinda like a river’s flow.

Asiama is home to four young boys who quickly become friends despite their different characteristics. One an orphan, another a handsome boy from an abusive father, a gentle bookworm, and charm-your-socks-off Kaniye. Apart from schooling together, these boys share most of their time together only briefly parting to pursue different courses in different universities.

Until 1997. Reunited at last, the four have to prepare a marriage, bury a Father and face the monster that is about to shape their characters. That fateful oil spill on their homeland’s river determines the rest of their lives.

A marriage is broken, a villain is born, a lawyer becomes a chef and the timidest of the four remains a coward. They won’t admit it, won’t even talk to each other but the 1997 horror soon comes knocking.

Tomorrow died yesterday tells of how chiefs sell their land, their people and their culture for money. It explains the corruption and tribalism in Nigeria and just how many hands you have to grease to get a job.

It exposes the military for what they are- puppets to a government that is selfish at best. In Tomorrow Died Yesterday, I can feel the plight of most African countries. You can explain the shaky economies and the widening gap between the rich and the poor.

Nonetheless, there is love to be found even in the most desperate of places. There always is and it is beautiful. Religion is also a prominent feature in the book. And the happy ending is something I prayed for… I really did not want a repeat of Black November.

The Bad

However, I feel Chimeka Garricks shoved a little too many ideologies through Amaibi when Kaniye won his case. There is much to agree with but it was out of Amaibi’s character and diluted the scene. That said, the ending was nice too though the handsome one lost everything.

I would recommend this book, solely because I think everyone should practice sustainability in the exploitation of resources. Killing Tomorrow through our actions today is simply illogical and selfish. If we have to substitute oil for schools, then let them be worthy schools.

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A good book that should definitely be a movie.

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